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Emotive Monster = Floortation


Design Concept | the flirting floor

' What if: you are walking down the road and see the man of your dreams. Thinking ‘damn this is the guy!’, he walks by, and you’re afraid that you’ll never meet him again. BUT what if there was this ambient system that would have magically thrown you into his arms. An artificial brain that senses flirting body language and eye contact and allows its users to cross their initial emotional boundaries. It accomplishes this by a preemptive transformation which gently encourages the couple to meet. The system translates emotional and sometimes suppressed urges into physical transformation of the floor topography, thus creating an intimate alcove in which love can thrive. Applications can be, but are not limited to, social meeting places such as bars and clubs, or time based temporary architecture intended for events.'


Floortation diagrams-02-01.jpg

Floortation diagrams-01-01.jpg Floortation diagrams-01-02.jpg Floortation diagrams-01-03.jpg

Floortation diagrams-01-04.jpg Floortation diagrams-01-05.jpg Floortation diagrams-04-01.jpg

Simulation | flirtation process

Floortation diagrams-03-01.jpg Floortation diagrams-03-02.jpg

Floortation diagrams-03-03.jpg Floortation diagrams-03-04.jpg

Interaction flirt process

Arduino sketch alt-01.jpg Mechanism alt-01.jpg

Design Process | model & simulation

Process-photo-wide-06.jpg Process-photo-wide-07.jpg

Process-photo-high-01.jpg  Process-photo-high-02.jpg  Process-photo-high-03.jpg  Process-photo-high-04.jpg

Process-photo-high-05.jpg  Process-photo-high-06.jpg  Process-photo-high-07.jpg  Process-photo-high-08.jpg

The Floortation | experience

Floortation-02.jpg Render 3.jpg