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Robot environment for people

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RoboZoo: a dictionary of interaction - spatial sketches

RoboZoo aims to define different kind movements. We building small prototypes based on simple rules to explore and define vocabulary of interaction. We want to discover the spatial and technological qualities.

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RoboZoo goes REAL


Proposed future development includes the communication of robots amongst themselves; sharing information with the inclusion of a learning system can lead to a robotic swarm that is aware of the amount and type of interactions and could change behaviour accordingly. The proposed behaviour would be altered in a way that the result of any interaction is decided by a system of chance rather than a rigid 'if a, then b' logic. For example: if the prototype is approached from the front more often, the chance of it backing away becomes higher. Levels of agitation (approach from multiple sides), jealousy (no interactions happening while others get all the attention) an fatigue (a lot of interactions within a short timeframe) can be read through the embedded led-strips through a continuous range of colors, i.e. a robot giving of red light will be more likely to angrily storm away when you approach it from multiple sides.

With the support of the Culture Programme of the EU.
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