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CONCEPT/ why+how


Better Together is a facilitator for interactivity between different visitors by detecting their movements and interpreting it through sound, light and adoptable space.

Human kind is inherently a social creature. Throughout the millennium of our existence, individuals have always banded together in order to survive and create environments that would be impossible without the collective effort. With the advent of the digital age, this social instinct has become mediated by the cyber-world where social media has taken over and redefined how we communicate with each other.

This experience however creates a disconnect from the environment surrounding the user and by extension, other beings around him/her. The majority of the user's senses slowly become inert essentially rendering the individual a living vegetable subservient to the information given to them by the digital media. Is this the future of humanity?

What if we could turn this around? What if the digital media could be used as a medium to bridge the current gap between strangers in a fun and active way that would invoke all the senses and reawaken their base social instincts? Where as a direct reflection of human social behavior, options of what can be done exponentially increases according to the number of people involved. Thus emphasizing the point of a collective achievement.


Music performance (or even composition) is one of the most vivid example of creating collective experience in which everyone gains the common sense of belonging. Only if people experience something special from daily life together can they achieve a collective identity. Better if everyone contributes to composing totally new pieces of music. In an orchestra, every player is one part of a team and everyone is inevitable. That’s to say, music performance achieves a great balance between teamwork and personal fulfillment.

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