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HYPERBODY MSc2 Design Studio | Inter-performing environments | Spring Semester 2014
TUTORS: Kas Oosterhuis, Henriette Bier, Nimish Biloria, Gary Chang, Dieter Vandoren, Vera Lászlo

While society is increasingly driven by interactive systems and computer numerically controlled (CNC) production, Hyperbody’s MSc 2 studio embarks on a quest challenging the traditional role of architectural production and operation by exploring the potential of interactive systems embedded in architecture. The site for the MSc 2 project is in Protospace at the faculty of Architecture (BK) and the aim is to advance practical applications for Non-standard and Interactive Architecture (NS&IA), whereas Non-standard Architecture is defined as an architecture that departs from modernist, repetitive mass-production in order to deal with digitally driven mass-customization, while Interactive Architecture establishes a link between environment, users and building components by means of embedded sensor-actuator technology.

The MSc 2 Design studio will operate on the premise that bodily motion and non-verbal communication can be understood as interfaces of emotional expression and cognition. The idea of creating a proactive behavior loop between the body, the physical and ambient space it operates within as well as the tools and techniques offered by contemporary new media technologies shall be a central operational logic driving the studio. Students are encouraged to understand and conceive architectural space as an instrument, which on its own is reduced to an objectified entity. The behavioral engagement of the body, ambient parameters such as sound, light, tactility etc. and the physicality of architectural space into an inter-activating systemic entity shall thus progressively create new modes of communication and perception. The studio shall thus challenge the students to create physical and digital prototypes establishing this correlation in real-time and present their visions on this synergistic ecology of expression. Connecting physical, organic and digital domains shall also heighten the sense of abstraction within the students and provide new modes for conceiving interaction scenarios.

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HYPERBODY MSc2 Design Studio | PROJECTS  :


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The Living Room
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With the support of the Culture Programme of the EU.
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