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With the support of the Culture Programme of the EU.<br>

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Workshop Results

Presentation workshop.jpg
Presentation workshopj.jpg
Presentation workshop10.jpg
Presentation workshop6.jpg
Presentation workshop5.jpg
Presentation workshop8.jpg

Presentation workshop11.jpg
Presentation workshop12.jpg

Workshop Presentation

Presentation workshop.jpg
Presentation workshop2.jpg
Presentation workshop3.jpg
Presentation workshop4.jpg
Presentation workshop5.jpg
Presentation workshop6.jpg
Presentation workshop7.jpg
Presentation workshop8.jpg
Presentation workshop9.jpg

Mid-Term Presentation

Presentation group2.jpg
Presentation group22.jpg
Presentation group23.jpg
Presentation group24.jpg
Presentation group25.jpg
Presentation group26.jpg
Presentation group27.jpg
Presentation group28.jpg
Presentation group29.jpg
Presentation group210.jpg
Presentation group211.jpg
Presentation group212.jpg
Presentation group213.jpg
Presentation group214.jpg
Presentation group215.jpg
Presentation group216.jpg
Presentation group216.jpg
Presentation group218.jpg
Presentation group219.jpg

With the support of the Culture Programme of the EU.

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