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<h1>Future Development</h1>
<h1>Future Development</h1>
[[File:Reflectego final16.jpg|850px]]
[[File:Reflectego final16.jpg|850px]]
With the support of the Culture Programme of the EU.<br>

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|Oana Anghelache|Rob Moors|Guus Mostart|Eldin Fajkovic|Jacqueline Huang|Mick van Rooijen|


Reflectego final12.jpg

Prototype development

Ptprocess1.jpg Ptprocess2.jpg Ptprocess3.jpg Ptprocess4.jpg Ptprocess5.jpg Ptprocess6.jpg Ptprocess7.jpg Ptprocess8.jpg

Presentation Highlights

First Presentation



Indesign template REFLECTEGO.jpgIndesign template WHY.jpgIndesign template HOW.jpgIndesign template WHAT.jpgIndesign template2.jpgIndesign template3.jpg

Second Presentation



Midterm2 presentation 01.jpgMidterm2 presentationGeo xc.jpgMidterm2 presentation 04.jpgMidterm2 presentation 05.jpgMidterm2 presentation 02.jpgLocal global 2.jpgMidterm2 presentation 06.jpgMidterm2 presentation 07.jpgMidterm2 presentation 08.jpgMidterm2 presentation 09.jpgMidterm2 presentation 10.jpgMidterm2 presentation 11.jpgMidterm2 presentation 12.jpgRobspic.jpg

Reflection Presentation Chinese Students:

Chinese 01.jpgChinese 02.jpgChinese 03.jpgChinese 04.jpg


Self Deconstruction

Space Distortion

Distorting ring installation.jpg http://cromeyellow.com/arnaud-lapierres-reality-distorting-ring-installation/

Infinite Space

HyperCube-04-542x304.jpg Infinity-mirror-room-infoniac3.jpg

Inifinite a.jpgInifinite b.jpg

Wearing the Space

Scent Path.jpgShadowdress.jpg

Future Development

Reflectego final16.jpg

With the support of the Culture Programme of the EU.
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