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Emotive Monster = WAVE

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The WAVE is an interactive transition between two spaces. The WAVE consists of long, wide ribbons, placed next to each other across the floor, each sloping up into a wall. Sensors feed real-time information, such as proximity, motion, color or even gestures, to the actuators controlling the ribbons. When the sensors are triggered, the ribbons will rotate in such a way that they create an opening. They act as one flowing wave that can guide but also surprise. The WAVE can be used in various ways, such as an entrance, hallway or art installation.



Design Process

G2 process workshop2 1.jpg
G2 process workshop2 2.jpg
G2 process workshop2 3.jpg

Design Concept

Group2 wave 05.jpg
Group2 wave 052.jpg
Group2 wave 053.jpg
Group2 wave 054.jpg