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Prototyping Videos

Compilation of the prototypes.

Final testing after a three day workshop. Fish pumps are attached to two buttons and two potentiometers.

A video showing our first testing with four fish pump attached to the prototype. The fish pumps are connected to an Arduino with a relay so they can be turned on and off. For the next step we will connect different sensors to the relays so we have more ways to control the fish pumps.

Manually testing our new stiff prototype. A wooden frame makes the model stiff so it is possible to raise the triangles by inflating the connections.

A few simulations done concerning geometry shape & size, composition, sequencing and a little bit in material properties (stiffness and such) provides some information on what kind of feel we want to achieve as well as what will be difficult to do (such as making the creature stand, creating a shelter of some sorts) and also what a difference would be in using a different material.